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Monday, August 15, 2011

A Very Boring Day

Today was super boring. So I guesse I'll tell u all that I did today. Well I woke pretty early because I was so use to getting up for skating I think I got up around 7. Then I just kind of chilled on couch for a while and then my sister woke up around 10. Finally I decided I was gettin kind of hungry so I decided I was goig to try to make myself pancakes (oh yah my mom was at work) and I'll tell you it did not go well first I couldn't find a pan then the batter would not mix but finaly I was able to start cooking them. At first it went well but wen I tried to flip them over some of them ended up on the stove and one even ended up on the floor. But finally I was able to finish cooking them and get to eating them! Right when I was getting out my fork and knife and stuff I go in the fridge to get the butter and and syurp and we are out of booth of them. So then I was I was able to eat cold tasteless pancakes YUM! After my pancakes I read my book that I have to read for school which is The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton it's not my favorite book but I have to read finish it by the 25th and I'm only on page like 25. After I read I i put my laundry away which I HATE to do. Then my mom came hom from work and we had to take my sister to my friends house and after that we went to target. Target wasn't really bad I saw one of my friends there and I got some new hair ties. Then I came home had some macaroni for lunch and then I decided to take a nap. My nap was really long I think I slept for like 4 hours so well tha was my day

well Its actualtly morning now it just turned 1 am!! I should say GOOD MORNING


  1. Haha this post made me smile lol :D
    It's too bad you had a boring day but I couldn't help laughing a little lol :D awesome jenna!

  2. I know it seems so weird not having to be at the rink at 9:00! We are going tomorrow to the freestyle though.

  3. haha, sorry for such a boring day Jenna! It was really funny though! lol :D

  4. Jessica and Alyssa.
    now that I read it again it is really funny

  5. Yah it was weird not having to be on the ice at 9. I will also be at freestyle tomorrow. See You There!!