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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Program!!

So recently i got my new music for skating the music is called Romantic Flight from the movie How To Train Your'e Dragon (i'll put a link below.)Today in my lesson me and coach Kathy choreographed it. I start in like the middle between the red dot in the left corner and the blue middle dot. I have not yet decided how i want to have my arms when i start but I start with a pivot. At this one part i do two three turns and every time I do them I always mess up but it is kind of funny. Surprisingly I am already almost ending on time. Me and my friends from skating Jessica and Alyssa were skating to other peoples music and being all graceful it was really fun and funny. One time when Jessica was doing a lunge she like went into a back lunge spin and it took her so long to fall it looked really cool though. Then we were making up cool moves and i think it was Jessica made up this one were you go from a forward spiral then staying on the same foot and doing kinda like a three turn then with out putting her foot down she does a back spiral and it was super fun and cool. So when she did her program she put that in and it looks way better and really nice. So that is it  I gotta go eat lunch bye


  1. hahah that was so funny! We were all being so dramatic lol! Oh yeah and that move Jessica made up was so cool! :D

  2. Idk why it was so fun but it was!