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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Today was a good day at skating. First I had syncro camp and we worked on things that we will be doing during the season like chactaws, crossrolls, mohaks and alot more! Then we had a little strethcing class that some of my friends leaded. The class is always really funny because there is a couple people who are really flexible and they do all these creepy things. After strethcing I got back on the ice for freestyle and at first I tried doing a couple spins and they were terible I barely could even hold my scratch spin for like 3 rotations. During freestyle I had a lesson and we worked on stuff for my program like my camel spin, sit spin, back spin, eniboure (I don't remember how to spell that), and then we did my axel but that isn't going to be in my program. Then I went home and rested for a little.

I am making cupcakes ritt now so I'll probaly post again with the recipe and tel u how they are.


  1. Haha lol I think it's spelled Inabauer... and haha ya Grayson flipped herself over... CREEPY!!!

  2. Jess, that way of spelling it looks alot better. Grayson was so nasty it was cool but gross haha.

  3. Oh, Jenna just in case u wanted 2 know, my blog is! :) (sry i don't know if you already knew tht)