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Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day Of Syncro!!

Sorry i have not posted for a long time I have just been really busy with school but i'm back.

Okay so on September 3 we had the first day of actual syncro. It was a lot of fun well our team is called Clarity and our coach is Deb. We will be competing at the open-juvenile level (ill put a link at the bottom of another team skating at the open-Juvenille Open Juveniile team). Last year we were at I think pre juvenile and we came in 2nd out of 2 teams. So first we started off with stroking wich isn't really fun. then we worked on stuff like mohawks and twizzles with the younger team then we broke off into our teams. We worked on things in the circle getting used to doing things with the new members. After we got that down DEb had us doing a sequence which is 4 back crossovers, step forward, 1 forward crossover, a waltz jump, hold the landing position, and we are eventually going to be adding a hydroblade which is a back shoot the duck on an outside edge. After that we did this thing called intervals which is when you skate to fast music for a minute then slowly skate for a another minute and we did that for about 3 minutes. After that we all went into the middle and when we all yelled syncro our old coach, Pam walked in and it was kind off awkward. So that is what we did at the 1st syncro practice!

Open Juvenille team

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First day of school

Today was my first day of school I didn't really care that school was starting. But school went well I had no problems with my schedule or locker. Someone from skating, Camden was just starting school at Kenston today sadly none of our classes are together but our lockers are almost right next to each other. Well I have nothing else to say. BYE!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Quick update

Hey just wanted to let you know that I probably won't be posting alot this week because I'm not going skating this week and school starting on Thursday. I will try to get into a routine of posting probly by at most 2 weeks!

Friday, August 19, 2011

7th Grade Update

Today I had my school oreantation for 7th grade. So igot my schedule and where my locker is and the first thing I did was try to to and get my locker open and I got it open on the first try. I wasn't really worried about not being able to open it because I had on last year and I get lockers open easily. My sister is having trouble getting hers open even though this is her 4th year using one and I opened it onthe first try. So then I put all of m binders and decorated my locker then I walked my schedule. This is my schedule.
1. Study Hall
2. Gym
3. Math
4. Chourus
5. Social Studies
6. Lunch
7. Science
8. Language Arts
9. Reading
10. Home Room

Unfortunetly not a lot of my friends are in my classes or lunch but I had about 7 friends who we all like each other so it will be fine. As I was walking my schedule i realized I have to go up and down all the time and to one end of the school to the other. None of my classes are by each other.
So I'll see how it goes on Thursday!

~ Jenna

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New Program!!

So recently i got my new music for skating the music is called Romantic Flight from the movie How To Train Your'e Dragon (i'll put a link below.)Today in my lesson me and coach Kathy choreographed it. I start in like the middle between the red dot in the left corner and the blue middle dot. I have not yet decided how i want to have my arms when i start but I start with a pivot. At this one part i do two three turns and every time I do them I always mess up but it is kind of funny. Surprisingly I am already almost ending on time. Me and my friends from skating Jessica and Alyssa were skating to other peoples music and being all graceful it was really fun and funny. One time when Jessica was doing a lunge she like went into a back lunge spin and it took her so long to fall it looked really cool though. Then we were making up cool moves and i think it was Jessica made up this one were you go from a forward spiral then staying on the same foot and doing kinda like a three turn then with out putting her foot down she does a back spiral and it was super fun and cool. So when she did her program she put that in and it looks way better and really nice. So that is it  I gotta go eat lunch bye

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Very Boring Day

Today was super boring. So I guesse I'll tell u all that I did today. Well I woke pretty early because I was so use to getting up for skating I think I got up around 7. Then I just kind of chilled on couch for a while and then my sister woke up around 10. Finally I decided I was gettin kind of hungry so I decided I was goig to try to make myself pancakes (oh yah my mom was at work) and I'll tell you it did not go well first I couldn't find a pan then the batter would not mix but finaly I was able to start cooking them. At first it went well but wen I tried to flip them over some of them ended up on the stove and one even ended up on the floor. But finally I was able to finish cooking them and get to eating them! Right when I was getting out my fork and knife and stuff I go in the fridge to get the butter and and syurp and we are out of booth of them. So then I was I was able to eat cold tasteless pancakes YUM! After my pancakes I read my book that I have to read for school which is The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton it's not my favorite book but I have to read finish it by the 25th and I'm only on page like 25. After I read I i put my laundry away which I HATE to do. Then my mom came hom from work and we had to take my sister to my friends house and after that we went to target. Target wasn't really bad I saw one of my friends there and I got some new hair ties. Then I came home had some macaroni for lunch and then I decided to take a nap. My nap was really long I think I slept for like 4 hours so well tha was my day

well Its actualtly morning now it just turned 1 am!! I should say GOOD MORNING

Friday, August 12, 2011


Sorry I didn't post for a while I was so busy with skating, getting my bottom braces on, and getting my New Skates.
So Thursday night I got my NEW SKATES my old ones were way to small and the blade was not the right one for my level. The skates I got are the Ridelle style #225 size 8 and the blade is Cornation Ace. They feel really light and the toe pick is alot bigger. At first I could barely skate but after a while I started to get used to them, it was hard to do crossovers and I was really slow. I was surprised that I was able to do Mohawks and my twizzles were pretty good. The skates didn't give me any blisters yet so I really hope that they don't.

Well, BYE!!