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Friday, September 9, 2011

First Day Of Syncro!!

Sorry i have not posted for a long time I have just been really busy with school but i'm back.

Okay so on September 3 we had the first day of actual syncro. It was a lot of fun well our team is called Clarity and our coach is Deb. We will be competing at the open-juvenile level (ill put a link at the bottom of another team skating at the open-Juvenille Open Juveniile team). Last year we were at I think pre juvenile and we came in 2nd out of 2 teams. So first we started off with stroking wich isn't really fun. then we worked on stuff like mohawks and twizzles with the younger team then we broke off into our teams. We worked on things in the circle getting used to doing things with the new members. After we got that down DEb had us doing a sequence which is 4 back crossovers, step forward, 1 forward crossover, a waltz jump, hold the landing position, and we are eventually going to be adding a hydroblade which is a back shoot the duck on an outside edge. After that we did this thing called intervals which is when you skate to fast music for a minute then slowly skate for a another minute and we did that for about 3 minutes. After that we all went into the middle and when we all yelled syncro our old coach, Pam walked in and it was kind off awkward. So that is what we did at the 1st syncro practice!

Open Juvenille team


  1. Haha oh my gosh Pam actually walked in?? LOL that must have been REALLY weird!!

  2. Hahah Pam. AWKWARD! I wish I could've been there for synchro! :( Sounds like u guys had a lot of fun!

  3. Yah itwas kind of weird me and Grayson saw her at the sane time then looked at each other and said well this is akward! It was very fun.